School Health Management - Health Portal

Mobile App Messages (for Family/Staff)

This document is an overview of messages you may see in the Frontline Health Portal Mobile app and what action is needed.

Login Messages

  “No matching school districts found”

  • Description: You selected an incorrect State/School District combination.
  • Solution: Check your entries in the State and School District fields. Your available selections in the School District field are filtered based on your selection in the State field.

  “Incorrect password”

  • Description: Password does not match what is on record in the system
  • Solution: If you cannot remember your password, you can use the Forgot password? feature.

Activation Messages

  “Password does not comply with password policy”

  • Description: The message shown will describe the issue (for example, “The password must be at least ____ characters”).
  • Solution: You should go back to the New Password and Confirm Password fields, then enter and confirm your new password with entries that comply with the description in the message.

  “User does not exist in the system. Please register using your personal email address supplied to the district”

  • Description: This indicates that the email you submitted does not match the email on record with the district. This typically occurs when you change the email from what you provided the district.
  • Solution: Please contact the district to verify your email. Then restart the activation process using the email found in your record with the district.

Add Student Message

  “The person record currently does not specify any contact.”

  • Description: This could be because you are your student are not linked in the system.
  • Solution: Please contact your district for assistance.

  “This student is already registered under this Health Portal account.”

  • Description: You are attempting to add a student who is already attached to this account.
  • Solution: Tap OK to close the message, then tap Cancel to close the box for adding a student. You are on the My Students page. Locate your student’s name and tap it to view their information. 

  “Student added!”

  • Description: You have successfully added your student to your account.
  • Solution: Tap OK to close the message. You are on the My Students page. Locate your student’s name and tap it to view their information.